Al Tharawat General Construction


Al Tharawat observes from its Vision, to be one of the marvelous companies in supporting the Contracting, Construction and Infrastructure future of Abu Dhabi, an approach that explores the ways of planning and opportunities of successful for the company. Such approach includes our concerns and interests in particular diversified contracting fields that serve the comprehensive vision of the U.A.E in the long run.

Al Tharawat started General Contracting Est. from the basic fundamental on which the company was built. The managements of our sister companies Al Mulla General Contracting, Interdecor, Modern Construction Contracting, Al Tharawat Trading Est., Bildex International are committed to quality and distinction so as to achieve the planned objectives of the company. They adopt the team work, innovation and distinction, credibility, transparency and respect of people as their procedure. Besides putting in mind the production environment, individual and human resources development as guidelines for implementing the work plan drawn by the sister companies to achieve their objectives in accordance with the latest international levels of business practices.




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